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This is an index of any locations that played enough of a role to at least be named.

Alveros – The kingdom the capital city of Vanis used to be located in. The kingdom was at war with the Genoshians who were invading their kingdom.

Castle Vanis – This is the prime building in the government of Alveros and home to King Stephen. General Trypp is also normally here.

Genosha – The lands in the north that belonged to the barbarian tribes known collectively as Genoshians. In the past few years they have been pushing their way south and claiming lands in Alveros as their own.

The Canstabulary – This might sound complicated but what a constabulary is basically a police headquarters. Meeting place for the city guard and training grounds for recruits.

Vanis – The capital city of Alveros. This city was ripped from the ground and transpoted in its entirity to an unknown jungle location.


This is an index of any NPCs that played enough of a role to at least be named.

Able Barnes – Owner of a clothing shop that was broken into by thugs. The party rescued him and his wife. They didn’t talk much due to the interruption of the guards.

General Trypp – This man has contracted out the party in a secret service capacity to investigate a building where they believe the rebel leader is conducting operations.

Helg Bluehammer – A dwarf that is leading the organized rebels. Not much is known of him other than that he is a citizen of Alveros and was around before the sundering and that he wasn’t just someone passing through.

Jonas – Jonas is an old city guard buddy of Ricar Swordsmith (Bob). When the party reported to the constabulary to help reinforce the numbers of the guard and help stop the looting, he pulled them aside and spoke with them. This led to an introduction to General Trypp.

King Stephen – This is the King of Alveros, or at least was. The city of Vanis is all that is currently known. There is talk of having him removed from the throne. Previously a beloved leader but facing a low approval rating due to what happened with the Genoshians and the Wizard of the Iron Tower.

Rolf – Rolf and his partner apprehended Reklar (Chuck) after he got mouthy with them when they were checking into the fight at the clothing store. Eventually they were talked out of taking him with them.

The Wizard of the Iron Tower – This powerful and renowned wizard was the one that summoned the forces that removed the city of Vanis from the known world. This wizard ruled the realm of which the Kingdom of Alveros was a part of. It is currently unknown if he punished the Genoshians as well but appeared to be nuetral before this point.

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