Heroes of a New Land

Session 2

Rebellion Rumors

The party spoke with each other and were introduced to each other. They were removing the bodies of the thugs from the clothing store when they were stopped by some city guards, a rare presence in the streets since the sundering. Reklar was a bit mouthy and the guards were going to take him away but were talked out of it by the party. The party formally joined together for safety in numbers in the uncertain streets of Vanis. As the party progressed through the streets there was a lot of conversation about an announcement by King Stephen. The party passed a little time in a tavern and got to know each other a bit better. Eldak spent a little time following some rumors but didn’t seem to find anything more than a lot of people are unhappy with the king. The king came to the city square at the appointed time with a large showing of the guards and made an apology and an announcement. The announcement was a call to action to those loyal citizens to begin the cleanup process and stay out of trouble. Those willing to fight were to report to the constabulary. The party headed that way and when they arrived they were stopped by Jonas, an old guard friend of Ricar’s. He let the party know there was some serious threat of an actual rebellion. After a bit more talk, he left and then came back and had the party follow him into Castle Vanis. There they met with General Trypp who gave them a mission to complete. The intelligence he’s received seems to indicate a sort of headquarters for the more organized rebels. The general wants the party to recover documents being carried by messengers. The party took a little time and were able to track down the building and find a safe place to observe activities there. Late into the night, Eldak, the ranger, spotted a hint of movement from the building. From there the party was off after the shadowy figure. They had him trapped into an alleyway with Eldak’s bow trained on him when we ran out of time.



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