Heroes of a New Land

Session 1

Welcome to the party !


Most of the time was spent finalizing characters and answering questions. The players established if they lived in Vanis or were just visiting etc. Aside from Ricar and Reklar who are half brothers no one knew each other.

The back story of the city was discussed. The kingdom of Alveros was at war with some barbarians from the north. A powerful wizard demanded peace and set a deadline. Peace was not reached and the wizard came and invoked a powerful spell that ripped the city of Vanis from the ground and transported it somewhere into a jungle environment. Since then, the city is in chaos. Many building collapsed and are in ruins. No one knows what’s happening. People have lost families and businesses. Looting is rampant. The streets are not safe anymore.

It’s three days after the sundering of Vanis. The players happened to be on a street one morning and a group of more brazen thugs broke through a window and went into a clothing store. They were pursued into the building by Ricar who tried to diffuse the situation. Reklar who was feeling a bit less tolerant let loose a bolt of magic and a fight broke out. From off the street a few passerbys joined the battle against the thugs. A variety of races a dwarf, an eladrin and an elf. The thugs were defeated and after the last body hit the floor we were out of time.

Eldak – Elven Ranger
Reklar – Human Warlock
Ricar – Half-elf Paladin
Sundrim – Dwarven Druid
Xavtumal – Eladrin Wizard



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